Three Peaks

Everyday Luxury Gift Pack


Three Peaks

Everyday Luxury Gift Pack


Manuka Honey UMF 6+

Available in the beautiful square, clear 500g container, we showcase the natural rich, amber colour of Three Peaks Manuka honey.

Sourced from the vast natural resources of the central volcanic plateau, every container is carefully created to ensure you receive the highest quality Manuka honey, recognised by the Three Peaks brand and the UMF® certified grade.


Honey Comb

Oozing with the sweetness of nature, Three Peaks honeycomb products retain the pure naturalness of the beehive. All honeycomb products are 100% pure, natural and edible for you to enjoy.

The delicious and sweet pure Honeycomb 340g is derived from New Zealand’s multi-floral and native bush. Packed into a smart, reusable, recyclable container – it’s great for any occasion. Try a taste everyday.

Manuka Honey serving suggestion

A teaspoon a day by itself, with your daily beverage or added to your favourite foods. It’s amazing how the richness of Manuka can enrich your day.

Honey Comb serving suggestion

With cheese, platters, fruit, or as a condiment. You name it, honeycomb tastes delicious with just about anything.

Nutritional Information

Every jar of Three Peaks Manuka Honey is special. We stand by its quality and authenticity. So we make sure that every container can be traced back to its origin to ensure it is pure and authentic.

It’s our promise, it’s our stamp, it’s our guarantee.

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