Our Story

Extreme beauty, rugged purity and a taste for one of natures riches.

The central North Island of New Zealand contains a globally significant and treasured conservation area, and is a remote and spectacular wilderness. A volcanic plateau creates a unique ecosystem that supports an abundance of flora and fauna amidst the rugged environment.

A trio of active volcanic mountains – Tongariro, Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu – have stood here as sacred sentinels for over 300,000 years. The area is culturally and spiritually significant for New Zealand Maori, and all who visit fall under its magical spell. The air is pure, the water is clear and the hills inspire life and energy.

Three Peaks Manuka honey is created in the remote hills of the volcanic central plateau. Here, on farms in far-flung valleys, Manuka plants flourish and thrive. Our beekeepers venture deep into the bush to carefully tend their bees, who flourish on a diet rich in Manuka nectar.

Visiting this place, it’s easy to see why Three Peaks Manuka honey is revered. Our bees transform a miraculous environment into a magical product: pure Manuka honey. We care for the bees so we can bring the best of their honey to you.

We rigorously and independently test every batch to assess its UMF® and ‘mg’ grade so that you can trust you only get the best.

All Three Peaks Manuka honey is certified by an independent laboratory, Analytica Laboratories. The UMF® rating on our packs shows you it is an internationally recognized standard that assures purity and quality.