New Three Peaks 150g UMF 12+ Manuka Honey 30 x Single Serve Multi-Pack

Three Peaks single-serve 5g multi-packs are the ultimate way to take our ultra-premium UMF 12+ Manuka honey with you wherever you go.

This pack contains 30 x 5g 'snapable' serves of UMF12+ Manuka honey. This means you can enjoy the benefits of Manuka honey in your tea, coffee or as a delicious energy boost - no matter where you are. Simply snap them, and squeeze!

Take individual serves with you as needed, or, carry the whole 30-pack so you'll always have delicious Manuka honey on hand when you need it. Perfect for one person, or for the whole family to enjoy - children love them and you can feel confident you're giving them the very best Manuka honey.

Our multi-packs are our most convenient way to enrich life everyday.

This product contains 150g of UMF 12+ Manuka honey as 30 x 5g individual serves.


Category: Honey

Type: Multi Pack

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